Ekaterina Avramova

Ekaterina Avramova

Ekaterina AvramovaEkaterina Avramova

About me

Born 1991 in Bulgaria, as 6 years old my mother enrolled me for lessons with my first coach at our local swimming club "PK SHIPKA", following years of training I began my professional career in 2007.

Two years later and dreaming of becoming an Olympian, I relocated to London and joined Ealing Swimming Club (ESC). Since 2014 I have been a constant member within the Turkish National Team and currently, hold all National records for backstroke. To date, and under the guidance of my coach (David Heathcock), I have qualified for 11 European and 8 World Championships. This dedication and hard work have allowed me to compete at the pinnacle of the sport, two Olympic Games (London 2012 & Rio 2016) with Tokyo 2021 on the horizon.

In conjunction with my professional swimming career, I continue to strive in inspiring the future generation as a motivational speaker, influencer and role model.